Dear Hillary Clinton
I'm so grateful and happy that you are "back from the woods" and giving these wonderful speeches. You seem to do exceptionally well and I wish I just had 5% of your strength. Watching your speeches sheds so much light into the darkness we are experiencing right now.
I'm still trying to understand this whole election disaster and I am deeply heartbroken by the way you have been treated by the media, the GOP and even regular people. You have been a life-long public servant to our country and did not deserve to have been attacked and smeared with outright lies. I'm crying every day and think what a wonderful future our country could have if you were in the WH right now. You have helped and fought for so many families, children, immigrants, LGBT people and the disabled---you share the vision of an all-inclusive America. 
You ran an incredible campaign and I am so proud to have been part of it as a volunteer. Please, believe me that I tried the best I could to help you win. As you know, this was my first election and I have been in so much emotional pain since then. I have lost faith and hope and all I want to do is seep. I know that is not what you want me to do and I try to #resist #insist#persist and #enlist as much as I can, but my feelings of despair often take over and pulling the cover over my head is very tempting. 
Now that the House passed the deadly AHCA bill, I am extremely concerned about my health insurance. I’m currently on Medicaid and may lose coverage if this bill passes. I don’t know what I would do. I probably would become very sick as I could not afford to pay for my medications. It’s still unfathomable to me that such a hurtful agenda “won” over your enlightened and promising future of America. I can barely cope anymore, but I’m still trying to hold on. If you can do it, every one of us should be able to move forward. My only rescue from drowning in the darkness is looking up to you. I feel I have nothing to live for.
My biggest hope is that you run again in 2020. However, I certainly would not want you to get emotionally too hurt again. Nevertheless, I strongly believe that you are the only one who can unify the country and save our democracy. We would roll up our sleeves even more and make sure you would win. You are by far the most qualified and experienced person who can lead this country and the only one who would be able to repair the mess this administration will create. On top of that, you are such a big-hearted amazing woman who cares about all Americans. Plus, the unfairness towards you in this election was just beyond heartbreaking. Everybody in your campaign was betrayed by the system, but most importantly you. No one else deserves more to be President than you
Despite feeling depressed, I called Senators and Representatives, marched in protests and wrote postcards, but I feel like I'm not going anywhere. 
I was so excited to learn that you are launching a new Political Action Committee (PAC) to help organizations fight the hurtful Trump agenda. Welcome to the resistance I would be more than happy to for work for you. As you know, I have been out of work for a while and would agree to start as a volunteer to get back into the workforce. 
Right now, I just pray to see you and talk to you soon. I'm feeling totally lost and lonely in this whole mess because I am all alone without any support system. 
Again, thank you for everything you do and have done in the past. I will always have your back. Let’s move #OnwardTogether because we are #StrongerTogether.
With much love and kindness,

Truth About Hillary Clinton by Emelie Rose Barg

She really did win the Iowa caucus.

She really did win the Nevada caucus.

She really did endorse Barack Obama in 2008 despite having more votes.

She really did give paid speeches as a private citizen to a number of organizations.

She really did give millions of dollars from those speeches to charity.

She really did have the Clinton Foundation receive an 'A' charity rating.

She really did advocate for a $15 minimum wage in New York.

She really did vote with her opponent 93% of the time in the Senate.

She really did win New York.

She really did win Kentucky.

She really did everything she could to protect those four brave Americans in Benghazi.

She really did everything that was asked of her in regard to her emails.

She really did grieve when Vince Foster took his own life.

She really did submit 23 years of full tax returns.

She really did fulfill all DNC debate requirements.

She really did carefully consider her vote on the Iraq War.

She really did learn from her mistake on her vote on the Iraq War.

She really did receive a rejection letter from NASA.

She really did give a historic and off-the-cuff graduation speech at Wellesley.

She really did win Arizona.

She really did win Missouri.

She really did effectively clinch the nomination on March 1st.

She really did have bigger delegates leads than Barack Obama had over her in 2008.

She really did become the first female law partner at the Rose Law Firm.

She really did advocate for workers and women while on the board of Wal-Mart.

She really did win Massachusetts.

She really did win South Dakota.

She really did raise millions of dollars for down-ballot Democratic candidates.

She really did have a long-standing habit of carrying hot sauce in her purse.

She really did advocate for women's rights around the globe.

She really did secure $21 billion in federal aid to help New York recover after 9/11.

She really did sponsor the DREAM act in the United States Senate in 2003.

She really did support Gavin Newsom when he issued marriage licenses in 2004.

She really did spend less money and win more states than her opponent.

She really did run a positive, issues-based primary campaign devoid of attack ads.

She really did reenergize the Obama coalition.

She really did win all but one state where the Black vote was more than 10% of the population.

She really did win all but one state where the Latino vote was more than 10% of the population.

She really did have millions of enthusiastic people behind her.

She really did earn and maintain the support of hundreds of superdelegates.

She really did have an army of volunteers, willing to help her clinch the nomination.

She really did send out multiple thank you's to those volunteers.

She really did take time to congratulate her opponent on the night that was all about her.

She really did inspire a generation of young women to fulfill their dreams.

She really did just become the first female presidential candidate of a major political party.