Trump is Not our duly elected President -Hillary Is!
We Don't Need an Excuse - It's a Fact!

June 17th Poor People's  March To Impeach Trump Day
Organize Your Local March Today!

Enlist, Insist, Resist, Persist-the resistance!

“With this faith,

we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope.”MLKJr.

Why June 17th

What a better way to spend Father's Day Weekend than by spending time Marching to Impeach Trump as you Rise for Democracy!

Instead of gathering in Washington we are asking everyone to organize within thier immediate area's and organize local June 17th Poor People's unity marches all across the nation and globe. 

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Because even he himself knows that he is an ill-legitimate president and everything he represents works against our great democracy- Including a women's right to choose and receive equal treatment under the law!

Let him call us names, block our freedom's but we Rise to say: 

We will Never accept the America he wants us to be and we will Never Go Back!

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When a Government refuses to protect its people then, the people must act to save the Government! Author unknown